Great Wedding Decorations Projects That Can Be Completed Very Quickly

Wedding decorations play a huge role in any wedding. The types of decorations that you choose can either hurt or help your wedding. This is why it is so important that you make sure all the decorations tie back into the wedding theme. When you are trying to pick decorations for your wedding this process will greatly depend on the type of venue, where you are hosting your event. Below you are going to learn a little bit more about how to correctly decorate your wedding for the type of venue that you have chosen.

Marquee Wedding Venue

Marquee wedding venues are great for decorations, because you really have a whole lot of blank space to work with. However, this can be a bit overwhelming, when you first look at the space, because it could seem like there is so much room to fill. If you think about it in these areas, then this is going to ease your mind greatly. For instance, instead of thinking about it like one giant area, think of it as several different areas. You could have a bar, dining, and a dancing area, if you choose. By doing this you can create three of four different areas that will complement each other.
If you are choosing a venue like this, then it is a great idea to hide certain areas, until you are ready for that stage of the wedding. For instance, you could keep the dancing and dinner area hidden behind a curtain. When it comes time to eat just simply draw the curtain and your guests will be amazed. Plus, this is going to keep them guessing on what is behind the curtain.

Another great feature of the Marquee venue is all the roof trusses are going to be exposed. This means that you have the option of hanging lots of decorations from the ceiling and with the open trusses it will make this process so much easier. You can hang lighting, pom poms, or floral displays. There are really so many different options that you have to choose from. Never be afraid to tap into your creative side.

Country Home Wedding Venue

Country homes are warm and rustic, plus they usually come equipped with a nice little garden section. Overall a country home just really provides a more intimate feeling. When choosing a country home for your wedding venue, you want to make sure that you embrace the charm of the home and enhance it with your decorations.

If you have enough room inside the house, long tables usually work really well for the dining area. This type of table really gives the whole area a banquet feeling. Make sure that your table decorations are the same length as the table. You can even vary the heights of the decorations for a more unique look.

If you will be able to utilize the garden section of the home, then you want to decorate the tables with attractive linens and chair covers. This will give the whole area a garden party feeling.

Hotel Wedding Venue

Hotel wedding venues are becoming more and more popular. The only bad thing about these types of venues is that you are going to find them stuffed with a lot of furniture. The trick to this is to try to complement the furniture with great floral arrangements. For instance, big candelabras work well in these types of situations. Do not forget that you can even use the glassware and plates to add to the decorations, as well. Make sure that you choose a table linen that blends with the setting of the room.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoors weddings areas are great, because this will mean that your wedding is already set around a beautiful area. Your wedding is already going to be beautiful and you have not even added any decorations yet. When it comes to outdoor weddings, choosing decorations that provide movement always work really well. For instance, hanging decorations from trees that will move, when the wind blows really adds a fun feeling to the environment. Make sure that your floral arrangements are big, because they will get lost in the large setting of the area, if they are not big enough to be seen.


Candles are a very popular wedding decoration and probably will be for a long time to come. It is easy to understand why candles are so popular, because they have the ability to set such a romantic mood in any setting. However, before you get your heart set on using candles at your wedding there are a few things that you need to know.

Scented Candles

Scented candles may work well inside your home, but they can really be a problem at your wedding. Sometimes the scent can clash with the food that is being served and it might even cause the food to taste weird.

Burning Time

If you want to use candles at your wedding, then you are going to need to know how long the candle you choose will burn. If your ceremonies are going to run longer than the candles burn, then you might want to nominate someone to relight or replace them, as often as necessary.

Outdoor Candles

If you are going to be using candles in your outdoor wedding, then you have to know that there is a chance that the flame might be blown out by the wind. One great way to avoid this is by using flameless candles. You can also make sure that the candles are located inside a deep candleholder. The candleholder will protect the flame from being blown out.

Checking With the Venue

Before you even consider using candles at your wedding, you need to make sure that your venue will allow it. Some venues have restrictions that will not allow you to use candles as decorations. Find this out ahead of time, so that you will have time to make other plans.

Tips for Buying Decorations

You will want your wedding to be beautiful, so buying the decorations will become a huge part of your “to do list”. The first thing you need to know is what your wedding theme and colors are going to be. Once you have figured out the theme and colors, you are on the right track and here is some more helpful information that will help you along the way.

List the Areas

It is imperative that you make a list of all the areas that need to be decorated. This will prevent you from leaving anything out and it might help you stick to your budget, as well. If you have to make sure you visit the venue several times checking your list, you do not want to leave anything out, because you might end up having to rush through decorating the area and that simply would not be good for anyone.

Shop Early

Make sure that you start shopping for your decorations, as soon as you have made your list. If you wait to shop, then you are taking a chance on not getting the decorations on time, because the shop might not have enough material in stock. This can be especially true, if you are going to be hosting a big wedding.