Selecting Wedding Songs For Your Event


Wedding songs will play a huge role in your wedding. However, this planning of the wedding could be one of the most fun and inventive aspects of your wedding planning process. Music can really set a mood and you should choose songs that reflect your personality. With that being said, you should also remember that you are going be hosting people of all different ages, so it is possible that some of your guests may not have the same taste as you. This does not mean that you cannot choose the songs you want just make sure that you choose the appropriate songs for the correct setting. Below you will learn some more helpful tips and information that will help you with deciding your wedding songs.

Listening To Lyrics

The most important thing to remember is that before you choose any song, you make sure you read over the lyrics. Even though you have listened to a song several hundred times, you might find that if you actually set down and read the lyrics, they could have a different meaning. So a song that you thought was romantic actually might turn out to be something different.

Options for Music

You are going to have several different options of how your music is played throughout your special day. You could do something as simple as making a playlist on your iPod that will be hooked up to large speakers. You could hire a DJ or you could even hire a live band. If you want to choose a band or a DJ, then make sure that you do the correct amount of research. You want to choose a group that has played at many different weddings.

It might even be a great idea to speak with some of your friends and family. It is possible that they were in the same situation that you are in now. You would really be surprised at how much input they will be able to give you. You may even have a talented family member, who is in a band. This could be a really great way for you to save some money and get you family more involved in the wedding.

Test Run

It does not matter what ways you choose to play your songs at your wedding, but you need to make sure that you do a test run. Some songs will not sound as good in different areas. For instance, a song that is played over loudspeakers outside might not quite have the same acoustical effect, as if it were played indoors. If you are hiring a band or DJ have them bring their equipment to your venue and play. This will give you a great idea of what they are going to sound like, when the big day has arrived.

If at all possible, it might be a good idea to have the auditions in the venue, where you are hosting your wedding. However, if this is not possible make sure you schedule a day with the venue, so that you can preview the sounds ahead of time. It is also very important to make sure that the band can actually play the songs that you want.
Overtime Rates

If you want to hire a DJ keep in mind that if your ceremonies run longer than intended, you could have to pay some steep overtime rates. So if you are planning on hosting a four-hour event, then you might want to book the band for at least five hours. This will prevent you from having to pay any expensive overtime rates.


Always make sure that you get everything in writing, when you are dealing with a live band. This does not mean that they are untrustworthy, but only that you should always have yourself covered. Make sure you get their names and contact information, the hours they are going to be playing, how much you are paying them, and how many breaks they get. By including all this information you will be covered in writing incase anything goes wrong, because you never know what can happen.

Response Cards

It is impossible to make everyone happy, but you can always try. When you send out your invitations, you should also send along a response card. This will let you know who is and isn’t going to attend your wedding. A good idea is to include a section on the card that will allow your guests to suggest what types of song they would like to hear at your wedding. This way you will be able to pick music that fits everyone’s preferences

If you have a wedding website, then you can let your guest preview songs that are going to be played at the wedding. Then they will be able to blog about their thoughts of your playlist. They will also be able to give you suggestions, as well.

First Song

The first song you choose to play is going to set the mood for the entire night. Choose a song that reminds you of your first date. If you and your significant other are butting heads over which song to pick, it is possible to compromise a little bit. For instance, you could choose a song that you like played, by a band that he likes. There have been many bands in the past and present that have made cover songs. This should help ease the tension of the whole situation.

When choosing the first song, it can help greatly by starting out in the older genres. This will help gain the trust of some of those older guests. This will more than likely ease them into some of your favorite music choices.


Since you will have a variety of different age groups attending the wedding, it is always a great idea to choose a wide variety of music. Try to choose music that will cater to everyone’s age group. By doing this you will make your entire guest list feel like they are part of your wedding day. Wouldn’t you love to see your grandmother get up and cut a rug?

Cocktail Hour

If you plan on hosting a cocktail hour, then you want to make sure that you choose the correct music for the occasion to really set the mood. Since you do not want your guests to hit the dance floor, during the cocktail hour, you will want to choose music that is relaxing and fun. However, you do not want to put your guests into a slumber, so be careful when you are making your selections for this occasion.

Reception Music

You wedding reception should be a celebration that puts off a fun and romantic ambience. To set this type of mood you should choose at least two or three ballads to incorporate into your playlist. Slow dancing music is a good choice, because it will get those shy guests on the dance floor.

Line Dancing

If you are afraid that your guests will not be hitting the dance floor, then you should consider choosing line dancing music. Line dancing will get all the guests on the floor, then you can ease into playing the types of music that you really like.

Having Fun

Throughout this whole process the most important thing that you should remember is to have fun. Never take this part of the planning too seriously, because you can easily stress yourself out. Choose songs that represent your personality. Do not forget that you always have the option of doing a surprise performance. Of course, this will take a lot of practice, but the guests will surely enjoy it very much.

Dancing Lessons

If you and your significant other are not great dancers, then you should consider taking some dance lessons. Just make sure that the lessons are designed around the type of music that you are going to be playing at your wedding. Before you choose a dance instructor, you need to make sure that you have a playlist picked out.. You also need to do a little research to find the appropriate teacher.


As you can see there are a lot of different considerations that you are going to have to account for when it comes to choosing the music for your wedding. Just remember that music really sets the mood and you want to make sure you set the appropriate mood for the right occasion. If you choose songs that will get those shy guests on the dance floor, then everyone is going to have a much more memorable time all around.