Wedding Vows – Tips for Putting Together Memorable Vows


With your wedding right around the corner, it is time to start putting together some memorable wedding vows. With the right vows, you will be able to inspire your wedding guests, while showing off the love that you have for your significant other. Although this might be a challenge, it is one that is well worth tackling! Before jumping into the foray, it is essential to know what is head. Within this article, you will learn how to put together memorable vows that will impress everyone.

Figure Out Your Style

Although it is possible to stick with the oldest of traditions, this isn’t always a requirement. Instead, you can play around with plenty of other ideas. Perhaps, you would like to be able to make your guests and loved ones laugh? Truthfully, it is impossible to go wrong, as long as you incite some type of emotion from your loved ones. However, it is vital to make sure that you and your significant other agree on the guidelines set forth. If you want to stick with something humorous, you should make sure that he or she is up to the task too!

Traditional Wedding Vows

Many couples select to stick with the traditional wedding vows, because they feel like it is their duty to carry on these customs. Believe it or not, you have many options open, as far as wedding vows go. It is never easy to make this very important decision, but you will eventually have to approach it. If you are set on sticking with the traditional wedding vows, then the officiating priest will facilitate all of your needs, but if you are writing your own vows, you and your significant other will need to sit down and compose your personal vows.

Keys to Good Wedding Vows

Although you will want to be completely original, there are some specific keys that should be followed, in order to make your vows a success. Being original, truthful and loving are important. Below, you will find other keys for success.

• Declare your love – When writing your vows, you will want to make sure that you declare your love for your significant other in the most heartfelt way possible! Starting off with your declaration of love is usually a good idea!
• Promises – Throughout your vows, you will want to make a lot of promises. You should promise your lover many things, but it is a good idea to incorporate promises to her family, as well! These can be truthful or hilarious. Just be sure to make several promises!
• Add Personality – Finally, it is essential to add personality to your vows. As long as you can remember key points of your relationship, this shouldn’t be a problem. For instance, you can recite memories from the past. Telling about the first day you met and including key information about that day is a good idea!

Overall, you should make sure to put a lot of work, effort and love into your vows. By doing this, you will be able to impress everyone and put a smile on your significant other’s face.

Religious Marriage Vows

If you are a devout Christian or Monotheism, you will most likely be sticking with the customs of your religion. This is not to say that you cannot write your own marriage vows, because you most certainly can, but you will need to envelop religion into them. You may want to sit down with both the bride and groom’s parents, because you do not want to offend anyone.

You will always have the option of selecting the traditional Christian or Monotheism vows, which would be playing it very safe, but do not be afraid to step out of the norm, because this is your wedding day, after all.

Romantic Lines

When composing your own wedding vows, you will find that the task is very tedious and requires a lot of thought. In order to impress everyone and see tears flow down your significant other’s face, you will definitely need to throw in a lot of romantic lines. Now this is not to say that you should just sift through a romance novel to acquire these lines, instead you should put your heart and soul into them.

Romance is what a wedding is all about and if you omit it from your vows, you will only be achieving a partial romantic ceremony. Take the time to compose your wedding vows and fill them with words of love and romance from your heart.

Conquering Writer’s Block

When you first sit down and begin writing your wedding vows, you will be greeted by a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen. The blankness can be very frightening and can cause your mind to clog up and your creativity to grind to a halt. Writer’s block can be a real pain, but it is not impossible to overcome this problem. There are several ways to conquer writer’s block and they’ll be mentioned below for your convenience.

• Look to the past – Take the time to look into the past for answers for the future. What does this mean? Go online or head to your library and perform some research on historic wedding vows. By doing this, you will be able to find some magnificent plays on words, which will get your creative juices flowing!
• Find samples – Although these might not as impactful, you can also scour the Internet for free samples. These can help to boost start your imagination and give you a good starting point.
• Jot down memorable events – Finally, you will want to start jotting down memorable events. Write down everything you can remember about your first date, kiss and dance. Also, write down the times that were more complicated and trying. Once this information is in front of you, it can help to formulate ideas and get the ball rolling.

Overall, writer’s block can cause problems, but you can overcome this difficulty. With the information laid out above, you have learned how to generate new ideas and overcome a blank mind.

Free Wedding Vow Templates

If you are having difficulty trying to compose your wedding vows, then you should take advantage of the wedding vow templates. You can find these on the Internet and they are free to anyone that is having writer’s block.

You will find many samples to select from, but make sure that you take your time and choose carefully, because you will want your vows to appear, as if they came from your heart and soul. Be sure to tell him or her how happy and excited that you are to be marrying the person that is standing in front of you. There is nothing more loving than hearing someone speaking their feelings out loud.

Speak to The Officiant

If you’re facing difficulties, you’ll want to consider speaking with someone, who has tons of experience in this field. There is no better person to speak to than the officiant that is going to oversee your wedding. This individual has seen tons of weddings and has likely heard countless vows. Therefore, this individual can be extremely helpful. He or she will know what works and what doesn’t! Be sure to use their information and guidance to your advantage.

Be sure to have a list of questions to ask the officiant, before meeting with them. Also, it is a good idea to have a first draft written, so they can tell you what is effective and what should be eliminated.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have your marriage vows completely composed, you should start practicing them. It will impress everyone, when you speak your vows, without the help of a prompter. Now you may want to start practicing several weeks before the wedding, because you do not want to omit any lines from this very important formality. Look her in the eye and speak from your heart, while you are saying your vows, this will definitely show her and everyone how much you truly love her.

When practicing, you may want to request the assistance of your best man or father. The same goes for the bride, because she should practice, as well. You will look more prepared and genuine, when you are saying your vows, without a paper prompter.


Overall, there are numerous aspects of your wedding that are extremely important! In order to ensure that the wedding is original, personal and never forgotten, it is vital to put together some outstanding wedding vows. Set aside a good amount of time, rely on the past and speak from the heart! After you’ve got the vows down, you’ll want to practice, until you’ve got them memorized by heart. By doing this, you will not be able to fail and your vows will stun, impress and excite all!